Reminder: 3rd Annual Digital Marketplace Meetup!

The Event is designed to create opportunities for the Film and Television community graduating students, freelance and creative artists  to meet studio representatives from across Ontario.
There is NO COST to attend this event filled with screenings and guest speakers from our VFX & Animation Industry.

Grab your FREE tickets here!
This is an opportunity for graduates, senior level students in the field, freelancers and artist to meet studios one-on-one, and studios to meet the community of artistic and technical talents that can help augment their team.

House of Cool Studios, Guru Studio, SpinVFX, Arc Productions, Intelligent Creatures,Mr X Inc, Master Key VFX, Corus Entertainment, Mark Media/Stargate Studios, 3Vis, Rocket Science VFX, Pipeline Studios, Keyframe Digital, Snowball Studios, Eggplant Pictures,
Side Effects Software, AIC Movie, Kelen Content, StereoD, Ryerson University, SwitchVFX, ACM SIGGRAPH, SohoVFX, Centennial College,  Georgebrown College, SIRT, Max the Mutt, and Toon Box!

Sign up and upload your students reels here for a chance to win an internship, winners will be announced Friday MAy 15th! 

Internship opportunities provided by: 
Keyframe Digital, SpinVFX and Rocket Science!

*Corus will be conducting a studio tour at 2:00pm to the first 10 students to register at their booth!
For further information please contact Shirlyn Antonio or 416-207-9142 

Eran Barel