CASO is a non-partisan, not-for-profit industry association committed to the growth and
international competitiveness of Ontario's animation and visual effects industry, through
advocacy, professional development, and marketing initiatives.


June 2018

Mission Commitment: Advocacy

  • CASO worked with the Provincial government to ensure the 2018 budget included a commitment to stable film and television tax credits, and further, continued to ensure that OCASE remains a Vendor tax credit.

  • CASO was the first industry consortium to deliver assurance to industry that all election platforms and election commitments included stable film and television tax credits.

  • CASO is working with the CMPA and FilmOntario on various policy initiatives that directly impact Ontario vfx and animation studios.

  • With both a Provincial and Municipal election in 2018, CASO will be working hard to ensure that we retain our seats on the Ministry of Culture Industry Advisory Committee, the OMDC Screen-based Advisory Committee, and the City of Toronto Film, Television and Digital Media Board.


Mission Commitment: Professional Development

  • CASO hosted a VR/AR Event Day with SIRT, in Feb 2018, with speakers, showcases and panelists, and over 50 companies attending. This Event Day served to showcase, educate and engage – delivering an overview and practical hands-on experience in international and Ontario practical research and business application/development in VR/AR, new business leads and opportunities for partnerships.

  • CASO hosted 2 Business Seminars for Members, including “A Legal Seminar for business owners; insights to support your business goals” by Reisman Law, and “Taking Control of Profitability: effective management of foreign exchange”, by Western Union Business Solutions with more to come, including an OCASE tax seminar with OMDC, along with new seminars on international tax credit regimes and opportunities (Global Incentives), and a law seminar covering HR, freelance, NDA, service and co-prod agreements (Edwards PC, Creative Law)

  • In May 2018, CASO once again partnered with TAAFI to host another incredible vfx/animation job fair – besting last year’s record, and continuing to be the best job fair in Ontario’s history!


Mission Commitment: Marketing Initiatives

  • For a third time, CASO participated in the Mayor’s LA trip in early 2018, with meetings and a breakfast with lead decision-makers.

  • CASO was invited to participate in the Mayor’s Industry Stats press event at WFW earlier this year – another strong year!

  • CASO will be updating our animation reel to include new Ottawa company members. This is used by industry and government, to promote our companies!


Continued to Strengthen CASO’s operations for Members

  • Worked with Sarah Ker-Hornell, SKH Consulting, to continue Board Governance development, adding jurisdiction (Ottawa) and expertise (legal)

  • Doubled our financial reporting efforts to deliver an interim reporting cycle to CRA, in line with our new fiscal year (April 1 – March 31).

  • Financial reporting moved from House of Cool (with our thanks!) to Guru Studio, led by Louise Jones (Guru Studios), and Len Pendergast (Global Incentives)

  • Successfully applied for an OMDC grant to fund CASO VR/AR event day at SIRT in Feb 2018

  • Successfully applied for an OMDC grant to partially fund CASO Business Intelligence research

  • Successfully secured the balance of the research funds from City of Toronto, Nabet 700 UNIFOR, Western Union, and Autodesk.